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PayPal Information    
Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, 

free and secure!  

PayPal Customer Service Contact information

PayPal will need your:
1. phone number
2. Email Address
3. last 4 digits of your Credit Card or Bank Account

In the US they can be reached at 888-221-1161
Monday to Friday 6AM To 12AM Central Time
Saturday and Sunday 8AM to 10PM Central Time

There are two ways to purchase through PayPal.
1. The Shopping Cart is used to purchase multiple or one design set, in one order.
2. The "Buy Now" is used to purchase one design set per order. If you are not a PayPal member,
this is a much shorter purchasing process. You will be giving information to make a credit card purchase. 
 PayPay does not request any banking information. 

Your EMail address must be uptodate in PayPal! Without a working EMail address you will not get your designs.

Shopping Cart

To purchase an item from our website, click on the "Add to Cart" button next to the design. This button
will launch a new web browser window with a secure page hosted by PayPal displaying the contents of your Shopping
Cart. Here, you can change the quantity of the item, continue shopping, remove items from the cart, or check out. If
you click to continue shopping, you will be taken back to our website. From here, you can view your shopping cart
by clicking another "Add to Cart" button to purchase another item, or by clicking on the "View Cart" button.

 Before you check out:

  1. Click on the Update button.

  2. Make sure that the quantity is “1” for each Design.

  3. Review each design’s description. (Double checking your order)

  4. This is when you can remove a design or go back and add another design.

  5. ALWAYS Click the Update button before checking out.  


When you click to check out, you will be directed to select your credit card, shipping information, and email address.
You will then be sent back to During the purchase process, you are using SECURE PayPal pages.


Pal is now available internationally in 26 countries. If you have questions regarding 
this service, you can contact PayPal via email at or for any PayPal questions. 

PayPal is now available in the following countries:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil ,Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland,
Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore,
South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom

PayPal general information now has 3 Million Customers! People continue to sign up for's PayPal service at a tremendous rate. Since we launched our service, THREE MILLION
plus CUSTOMERS have signed up for an account with us. Thank you for joining PayPal as we grow the financial payment network of the future!

In addition to offering insurance on all Member accounts, now protects your purchases with our Buyer Protection Guarantee. This means that if you buy from a
Verified member using the PayPal payment service, PayPal will guarantee your purchase against fraud.

You can see whether a seller is Verified on the confirmation page before you Send Money or complete a payment. Please note that the Guarantee does not apply when
you pay Unverified accounts. provides the world's first instant and secure online payment service. With, individuals and businesses can send and receive payments through the Internet.
This revolutionary new service provides a safer, faster, easier, and cheaper way to move money in today's digital economy.

With a customer base of more than 3.5 million and continuing to grow rapidly, is the largest Internet-based payment network and provider of the popular PayPal
service. is the #1 eFinance site on the Internet, according to PC Data Online, and one of the fastest growing Web sites, according to Media Metrix. now
constitutes over 10% of all Internet traffic in the financial services category, more than Citibank, Wells Fargo and Bank of America combined. also provides the preferred payment service for online auctions and online community and group Web sites. Recommended by CNET as "the most reliable personal
payment service," is also being increasingly used at e-commerce sites.'s service, free to consumers, can be used from PCs or Web-enabled mobile phones.

Founded in March 1999 by Elon Musk, is a privately held company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. was recently named one of the 50 Most
Important Private Companies in the World by Red Herring, one of the Top 25 New Companies by Fortune Small Business, and a Forbes Favorite Website in the
magazine's latest "Best of the Web" issue.

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